Influencer Marketing : Luxx

When WGY were approached by Luxx, a US Hair Tool and makeup brand, to transform their online presence, content and e-commerce strategy, we were more than ready to make their key product shine, the Luxx AirPro 2. Collaborating closely with Luxx, we developed an understanding of the needs and wants of their target customers and made sure this excellent product was impossible to ignore by UK hair passionate consumers.
Content Creation
Paid Social

The Challenge:

With a lack of both social and online presence in the UK, we were challenged to find what really mattered to UK consumers that were passionate about the perfec,t at home blowdry and target market. Creating a strong online brand presence would ignite curiosity, interest and emotional investment in the brand, leading to Luxx Airpro purchases and much needed recognition for this salon worthy product.


Initial ideas from Luxx involved a complete selection of hair focused online creators and influencers but being a US brand, had no idea where to start in the UK. This is where WGY provided excellent, eye-catching creators that generate not only high quality content but revenue too. This drove up interest and appeal of what is a truly excellent and affordable, at home blow dry styling product. With a focus on Instagram and video content, our creators had creative freedom to develop something that would leave customers wanting to know more and imagining themselves using this styling product .


The strategy for Luxx involved creating content that would work seamlessly with the UK market, to be as organic and authentic as possible, without looking too much of an AD. We wanted to motivate the right audience to visit the brands Instagram profile and website with strong motivation to find out more and purchase from the brand. 

Instagram content was focused around the immediate demonstration of the core use of the product (‘affordability’, ‘at home salon worthy hair’ and ‘quickness’ within the first 5 seconds). 

Luxx gained an incredible rise in interest on Instagram and attracted more of a UK customer group. Within 1 month, Luxx saw a 50% increase in engagement and reach on their Instagram and revenue spiked in the UK after influencer’s posted with their ambassador codes. Making a brand that had 0 UK customers, dominate the hair tool market and create a viral at home blow dry sensation.

Some of the talent involved

Leanne Cooper
MUA Creator
Alisha Heap
Beauty Creator
Enya Doherty
MUA Creator