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Discover the numerous benefits of partnering with We Got You Agency for talent management. Our expertise in the beauty and lifestyle industries, combined with our extensive network and strategic approach, ensures that you receive the best opportunities and support to grow your career.

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Are you a TikTok shop creator looking for higher commission rates and exclusive PR from brands?

We work with a range of TikTok shop creators just like you who have a growing audience, but want to work with bigger and more exclusive brands for those higher commission rates. If you want help securing these deals, see how we can help by clicking the button below.

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Our premium management services ensure you have a dedicated manager who will guide you through the entire process of brand collaborations, from initiation to completion. This includes handling negotiations, contract management, and invoicing, allowing you, as a content creator, to focus on your creative work while we manage your communication.

Looking to be part of a non-exclusive roster?

We recognize that not all creators desire exclusive management and prefer to maintain their own brand relationships. However, we understand that this solo approach can be isolating, leaving creators without the support network an agency provides and missing out on additional opportunities that often arise. So, we introduced our non-exclusive roster, which we actively promote to brands daily. This offers talent potential work and provides brands with a broader variety of creators for their campaigns. If this aligns with your preferences, whether you handle brand communications independently or through a separate manager, and you're seeking additional opportunities, do reach out to us!

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